Numerous ways can be  there for directing us to be ultra successful in life, to achieve our goals, to grow more and to win hearts. But, sometimes, if we search for a way to unwind ourselves, unwire ourselves and be at peace, we go clueless. 
Because, there are only a handful of ideas to achieve that.. Even if we try, diligence and consistency is of utmost importance in the process and that has to come out of our own interest!
We, at CARE International School, found a perfect way to achieve such kind of clarity ,to be always at the meeting point of our heart and mind, and focus 100% on whatever we do!
Yes.. you read it right!
On this World Yoga Day it is our privilege to renew the importance of our ancient practice, Yoga which keeps our body and mind in perfect alignment!
As we want all our children, not to get exhausted or burnt out at the end of the day, we start our day right, by doing yoga!
With the chill air full of oxygen soaking our bones, mild rays of sun falling on our body inducing healing, we gracefully stretch ourselves with a divine smile on our faces, converging our focus to one point, we feed our soul and body with the cosmic energy to be fully aware and energetic all through the day! Added benefit is that our body becomes as fit as a fiddle and our self-confidence gets boosted!
Our children also, were so excited to perform Yoga at Thiruvanaikaval temple to tell their fellow people about the importance of Yoga.
Along with that, to kindle their interest on doing Yoga, we have conducted a plethora of activities at school to understand more about the benefits of incorporating yoga in our day-to-day lives!