KG Fieldtrip- Off to the supermarket

We are thrilled to inform you about the delightful experience our tiny tots had during their recent field trip to Reliance Mart! Step by step, they immersed themselves in the fascinating world of shopping, learning valuable lessons along the way.

From the moment they entered the store, our little explorers were eager to understand every aspect of the shopping experience. They grasped the functionality of shopping carts, moving them with enthusiasm as they navigated through the aisles.

Moreover, our curious minds observed keenly how products are meticulously arranged on the shelves, gaining insights into organization and categorization. This hands-on learning experience sparked their curiosity and instilled a sense of appreciation for the effort behind maintaining a store.

Overall, the field trip to Reliance Mart was an enriching experience for our kids. It not only broadened their understanding of the world around them but also fostered a sense of independence and confidence. We are incredibly proud of their curiosity and eagerness to learn.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the staff at Reliance Mart for accommodating and enriching our children’s learning journey. Thank you for your continuous support in providing such invaluable experiences for our little ones.