Students’ Achievements

November 14, 2022


  • 3.3.2022

Tarunya of class VIII and Jaeswin Surya of class VI have participated in the Ayya D. Virudhachalam memorial sports fest 2022, a badminton tournament organised by Sri Vignesh Vidyalaya. Tarunya got first in doubles and second in singles. Jaeswin Surya has won first in singles and second in doubles.

  • 12.3.2022

Sahana Sri from class VII and Madheshwaran from class VIII competed in the Aeroskato Ball National Championship, which was held at At. Malik School in Thane. Madheswaran won first place in the sub-junior boys category, and Sahana won first place in the sub-junior girls category.

  • 22.3.2022

Vinay Handi of class IX has participated in the Silambam tournament organised by the Youth Games Development Federation. He got 1st place in single stick category and 2nd place in double stick category.

  • 27.3.2022

Sixth-grade students Kavin and Roshana took part in a silambam competition sponsored by the World Silambam Korvai Academy and set a record that is now listed in the Harvard World Records.

  • 20.4.2022

Vinay Handi, a student in class IX, competed in the Silambam competition, which was hosted by the School Games/Sports Development Foundation, Goa. He obtained a silver medal in the Under 14 category.

  • 10.6.2022

Asvanth from class VI competed in the Aeroskato Ball National Championship, which was held at At. Malik School in Thane. He achieved first place in the junior boys division.

  • 4.6.2022

Adinath from VII and Vinay Handi from IX participated in the Silambam festival and interclub meet at Mother Theresa Women’s University in Kodaikanal. In their respective divisions, Adinath bagged Silver and Vinay Handi received Bronze.

  • 13.6.2022

D R Jeyasakthi of class IX earned first position in the 41-45 kg boys kumite category and third place in the 13-14 year old boys kata category at the 8th National Level Open Championship Tournament held in Salem.

  • 13.6.2022

In the 8th National Level Open Championship Tournament held in Salem, T. R. Balamurugan of Class VIII participated in the Silambam competition and got 1st position in  Thodumurai category and got 3rd position in single stick category.

  • 23.9.2022

Asvanth K & Sahana Sri of class VI & Madheshwaran of class IX have participated in the Trichy District skating sport championship 2022 and secured the following prizes. Asvanth K – 1st position (Rink I), 3rd Position (Rink II) in under 11 category.

Sahana sri – 1st position in both Rink I & II in under 12 category

Madheshwaran – 1st position (Rink I), 2nd Position (Rink II) in under 15 category.

  • 28.9.2022

Jaeswin Surya of class VI & Samir Ahmed of class XII took part in the Trichy District Athletic Meet 2022 and secured 2nd position in Under 12 cricket ball throw, 3rd position in Under 18 Shotput respectively.


  • 19.10.2022

Tarunya of class IX has participated in the South Indian junior badminton tournament and bagged gold in doubles and silver in singles.

  • 20.10.2022
  1. K. Sriram of class XI took part in the Under-19 cricket tournament organised by Inter Cricket Academy, and his team won the trophy.
  • 21.10.2022

In the Silambam tournament, which has been organised by TOE Fest, our class IV student Shyam Rakshith competed and placed first in the double stick division.

  • 19.11.2022

A Rockcity Sahodaya Basketball Tournament for boys has been organised by our school for Under 12, 14, and 19 age groups. Our school’s Under-12 team earned first place and our Under-14 team got third place in the tournament.


  • 23.7.2022

Muthu alamelu of class III placed second in the under 4-7 category in the virtual Margazhi competition “ADALAM.” She also participated in KALA UTSAV, a Bharadhanatyam competition, and got 3rd place.


  • 22.10.2022

Sherin, a student in class VI, participated in the dance Competition of Thalir Vasantham 2022, which was organized by South Zone Cultural Centre and Kalai Kaveri College of Fine Arts. She placed third in the junior category for classical solo dance.


  • 21.10.2022

Muthu alamelu of class III have participated in Bharatanatyam competition organized by TOE Fest – 2022 and got she got 1st position in classical solo category.

  • 07th, 8th & 9th April 2022

Our school has organized Youth Parliament on 07th, 8th & 9th April 2022 in our school premises. The following student delegates won the following posts, representing various committees.

All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM)

The Best Parliamentarian

Balamurugan T.R (VIII)

The Best Speaker

Parthive Prasath (IX)

High Commendation

Jeevana Rajeshkanna (VIII)

Verbal mention

Nangai E (X), Anika (VIII), Umar.K

Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TNLA)

The Best Parliamentarian

Sam V.Mathew (IX)

The Best Speaker

Abitha N (X)

High Commendation

Suwathi D.R (X)

Verbal mention

Lidwina Angelin (X), Padma Sowgantika (X)


The Best Parliamentarian

Roshini C(VIII)

The Best Speaker

Smrithi S (VII)

High Commendation

Rithig Darshan (VIII)

Verbal mention

Vikas M (VIII), Irfan Hussai (IX)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The Best Parliamentarian

Keerthana S (X)

The Best Speaker

Pranika Prative (X)

High Commendation

Lakshmi Krupa (XII)

Verbal mention

Sameer (XII), Daksha (X)


The Best Parliamentarian

Srusti (X)

The Best Speaker

Jeya Sakthi D.R (IX)

High Commendation

Nithila Jennifer (VII)

Verbal mention

Santhosh (XII), Krishovine (IX)

  • 15th – 17th July 2022

Our school hosted the IIMUN Trichy Chapter from July 15-17, 2022. Around 700 delegates took part in the same. The following are the delegates who represented various committees and bagged the following positions:

Prize winners 

1. Shyam Hussain (UNEP – Verbal Mention)

2. Venba S (PM’S SS – Best Delegate)

3. Rishvanth (PM’S SS – High Commendation)

4. T.S.SriKrishna (PM’S SS – Special Mention)

5. Abitha.N (PM’S SS – Verbal Mention)

6. Iniyaa P V (UNW – High Commendation)

7. Sam V Mathew (UNW – Special Mention)

8. Dayakar (UNSC – Best Delegate)

9. P.S.Kishore Adhithya (UNSC – High Commendation)

10. Shivani E (UNSC – Special Mention)

11.Jeysakthi (UNSC – Verbal Mention)

12. S.A.Krishovine (UNSC – Verbal Mention)

13. Vinay J Handi (ICIJ – Best Photographer)

14. K Padma Sowganthika (ICIJ – Best Journalist)


  • 15.2.2022

Alan & Mohamed suhail of Grade XII participated in NLAT 2021-22 organized by National centre for Financial Education and secured 1st & 3rd position in South zone senior category.

  • 10.4.2022

Amish Mohan and Rithig Dharshan, students in Class VIII, took part in the ATL marathon organised by Niti Aayog. Our students’ project proposal was chosen as one of the top 10 projects in Tamil Nadu.

  • 29th Aug – 1st Sep 2022

Iniyaa, Sam V Mathew & Gokulamahesa rajan of Class IX got selected in Jigyasa – Aero Fest, a 3 day National Event organized by Jigyasa 2.0, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. They submitted the project on the topic “Electric Airctaft”. 21 teams across India were selected and ours is the only team of Tamil Nadu.

  • 2.10.2022

The Grade X participants Ananya, Nesika, Pranika, Rithish, and Shrushti were shortlisted for Level II of the PSG Tech Talent competition hosted by the PSG Alumni Association.

  • 10.2022

CBSE, in collaboration with Story Weaver, hosted a Budding Authors Program for children in Grades V – X. The pupils listed below were nominated for Phase II at our school.

Ooviya (V)

Subhakar (VI)

Nithila (VII)

Anika (VIII)

Sam V Mathew (IX)

Pranika Prative (X)

  • 15.10.2022

Fit India Quiz – 2022 was conducted at the school level by CBSE and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The following pupils have graduated the school level and have been nominated to participate in Level II.

Balamurugan T R (VIII)

Mithun R (VIII)

Roshini C (VIII)

Sara Yuvaraj (VIII)

Jeyasakthi D R (IX)

Srikrishna T S (IX)

Sam V Mathew (IX)

Sagarika A (X)

Pranika Prative (X)

Mohamed Afshan Basha (X)

Shree Sudhan B (XI)

Sriram V K (XI)

Lakshmi Kripa Anand (XII)

Thendral J (XII)

  • 12.11.2022

All the students of Grade VIII – X are enrolled for Aryabhatt Ganit Challenege which will be conducted by CBSE in the month of November.

The Reading Challenge, which will be contested at the school level on November 28, 2022, 130 pupils from Grades VI – X were enrolled.