What do people say about us?

December 11, 2014


At the outset I wish to congratulate the school on its achievements this year and wish to express my gratitude for the values that the school has inculcated in my wards.The school to me stands for holistic mind and body development and the multidisciplinary pedagogical methods provide for an enriching and enjoyable learning experience for the students.

Proud to be associated with the school..
M/O Ananya & Aaron, Class X

What makes this school unique is that learning is valued and taught through various ways and not just books.  School is using instructions which is customised to meet the need of every child. We see that both our children are so different in their thought process yet both are being dealt differently by teachers in order to meet the outcome.
It is a pleasure to be associated with your school and thank you for honouring the thinking of our children, letting them laugh at their mistakes, allowing them to reflect on what they learnt and making them more curious.
Kudos to CARE school!!

M/o Dhruv Ananda,  Class IX &  Yash Anand,  Class IV

The location and the infrastructure of the school is good. The other students are really very co-operative. Teachers take interest in improving the attitudinal behavior of students. I like the way teachers communicate with the students,they are clear with their thoughts. Apart from acadamics , many opportunities are given to the students to express their talents and also to overcome their weaknesses. At last, I would like to say that the school is motivating the students to grow up.

F/O Vaishnavi Deshpande, Class VIII

We the parents of Ms. ROSE ANN V.MATHEW would like to thank the management and staffs for selfless and caring contribution for the all-round development of our daughter. We were able to observe a marked change in our child’s attitude towards academics and activities, more we have to mention and appreciate the way she was groomed in leadership qualities, and self-confidence
Over all it was a period of blossoming and maturity under the care of CARE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. We once again thank and wish the school better heights…

Former Student

We thought it will be nice if we share some of our pleasant experiences for having put our daughter Ms.Yassasvinee Aravind in your school since LKG. Now that she is in 5th and is so much attached to your school, we would like to appreciate the fine efforts being made by your team through this communication. We find the following qualities that you have helped in her develop immensely:
1. Fearlessness: This is one quality which is much vital to a child’s growth. She does not fear communicating, Interacting, Understanding the needs of curriculum and showcasing her talents in Intra and Inter school competitions. We find this in most of your school children and you ought to be commended for this.
2. Confidence: A very essential tool for success post school, we find that our child is more confident in sharing the knowledge, communicating with diction, expressing herself and her requirements.
3. Exposure: We find the curriculum, projects, field trips and other training sessions being exposed to our child certainly gives the leverage for her to choose the life that is suitable for her growth. This is particularly necessary in today’s times since the avenues and opportunities for better living is very wide in this global arena and any individual needs to choose his/her suitable path correctly.
We wish to add another aspect of our experience in working with the school and that is:

Ease of Working with the School: This particular aspect we mention to acknowledge the efforts of your management, teachers and non-teaching staff. You are only one of very few schools where the input of parent is considered for implementation. This sense of interdependence between the parents, students and school is a noteworthy aspect that is commendable.

Mr.Aravind A Narayan and Mrs.Nisha G
Parents of Ms Yassasvinee Aravind, class VI.

I’m truly amazed at the care campus and the teachers and students that together have created such a dynamic energy. Really enjoyed working with your teachers they are bright, enthusiastic bunch.
Ms.Sheeba Maini
Director Spirit of Leadership, New Delhi.