Fench Olympiad – Achievements

FRENCH OLYMPIAD                                                        22nd NOVEMBER, 2019 CARE International School has always encouraged the students of the school to display their intellect and skills by competing in the world at large. We have encouraged students to appear for various competitive examination and expose them to world competition. French Olympiad is one of them. Nineteen students from our school[…]

Celebrating Grandpas and Grannies!

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION                        22nd, November, 2019 The elders in our family are like the roof of our house.  It is our foremost duty to love them, take care of them and cherish them. In order to imbibe this value in the children our school has always celebrated grandparents’ day, a moment when children cherish their[…]

A trip to the Space center!- an effort to increase science literacy.

FIELD TRIP: ANNASPACE CENTRE AND PLANETARIUM                     21ST NOVEMBER, 2019 Learning in the lap of nature is always a welcome change for any child. Children learn more when they are provided a chance to learn through observation. CARE International School has always encouraged learning by observation and experiential learning rather than classroom learning. In a positive[…]

Into the garden of Butterflies!

Field trip: Butterfly Park                                                21st November, 2019 It is a magic of nature to see how eggs hatch, change to larvae, then pupa finally the beautiful, colorful butterflies. Students from Grade 1 to 3 were taken on a field trip to the tropical butterfly park in Srirangam, Trichy. The sprit for the field trip[…]

Children’s Day Celebrations 2019

A week long celebrations & competitions at CARE. For Kindergarten: A fun filled story session, DJ floor, Bubble play For classes I to III 4.11.19 – Clay modelling 5.11.19 – Bun Eating 7.11.19 – Ramp Walk (5 elements of nature [Earth, Water,Air, Fire & Sky]) 11.11.19 – Solo dance (Links of the songs will be[…]