Empowering Innovation: A collaborative journey with a school in France

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs through 3D Innovation: A Collaborative Journey Between France and India” The initiative “Made in 3D – Seed the Future Entrepreneurs” was originally conceived by La Fondation Dassault Systèmes and La Fondation La main à la pâte in France. This innovative program operates across both France and India, in collaboration with the Atal[…]

World Record In Silambam

Breaking Records and Setting New Standards! #WorldRecordAlert 🏆🌟 Introducing K. Harshan, the rising star from Class 4B! 💪🏆 His awe-inspiring Silambam performance has officially etched its name in the chronicles of the Einstein World Records in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 🌍 On August 13, 2023, Harshan achieved at a record-breaking event hosted by the World[…]


Sport keeps us mentally high and improves our vigilance and awareness about all sorts of challenges. But, it requires pure determination, to stick to it, as our responsibilities become more day-by-day.. We heartily congratulate Vinay Handi. J of Class-9,who stood with utmost dedication and represented Tamil Nadu (Silambam) in the National Level Federation Cup-2022 held at[…]


In the world of ultimate chaos and crimes,it has become extremely important to know how to safeguard ourselves.If the solution for that comes, along with disciplining ourselves and calming our mind,it is a great win-win. Silambam,a weapon-based martial art,tones the muscles, sculpts the body,increases concentration and helps a person to know who they are and[…]


It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up!Sahana Sri of class VII and Madheswaran of class VIII took part in the 7th Senior, Junior, Sub-Junior, Cadet AeroSkatoBall National Championship 2021-22 held on At. Malik School, Thane, Maharashtra and bagged 1st position(sub-junior girls) and 1st position (sub-junior boys) respectively Big Congratulations to the sport[…]


CITIZENS FOR UYYAKONDAN: DRAWING COMPETITION        26th January, 2020 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” CARE International School has always promoted social causes and Shramdan among the students. The Makkal Mandram , Trichy held a drawing competition on 26.01.2020 based on “Swatch Bharat “ concept.[…]

Brainstorm Quiz Winners

13TH EDITION OF BRAINSTORM 2020            25TH January, 2020 Yagappa International School, Thanjavur conducted the 13th Edition of Brainstorm, 20 (the annual Inter-School Quest Fest) on 25th January,2020. It was held on 25th January, 2020. V.Midhunan and R. Salai Pozhil  of class IX secured the Third place in the Brain Storm 2020 Quiz. Shyam Hussain.Z of[…]


INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE OLYMPIAD (ONLINE) 2019     30th, January, 2020 Competitive Exams build a strong foundation in moulding the students to face the competitive driven world. It also builds confidence in the students. International Commerce Olympiad is one such examination conducted by Star Olympiad Foundation annually. It is an annual interschool online commerce examination for commerce students[…]

Tamil Nadu Open Badminton Tournament, 2019

Master S.R. Ganesh of class VII has made us very proud indeed by proving time and again that he can outshine others in the field of Badminton. He is a very consistent player and has always brought laurels to the school. He participated in the Tamil Nadu State sub-junior singles open badminton tournament in under[…]