A trip to Grand Anicut

The last fieldtrip of the academic year 2022-23 for Primary (I-V) was planned to Kallanai-The Grand Anicut. As students have studied about different sources of water, Karikala Cholan, scientific instruments etc., it was decided to visit Kallanai to get an understanding of how science and nature was part of everyday problem solving. Lot of information[…]

Field trip to Fire Station

Our pre-primary children visited the cantonment fire station to learn more about the job of a  fireman. Field trips are a great way of connecting classroom learning to real-world experiences. This trip to the fire station was to raise awareness of the value of neighbourhood helpers in everyday life. It was fascinating to watch kids[…]

KG Parents’ Day

As parents we all want to understand how our children learn and grow. We as a school believe in involving parents in child’s everyday learning and growing as an individual. When invited, parents of  our KG students came in lots and enjoyed along with their kids and got  a sneak peak into the classroom activities[…]