KG FieldTrip to Trichy Museum.

Our Kindergarten students visited the Trichy Museum on 17.02.16 and got a unique interactive experience of getting up close to things they usually only see in books, newspapers or on the television. Kids were excited and awed to see various exhibits of stuffed animals and birds, old coins, natural history specimens, a row full of[…]

Extended Learning – Grade I & II

As part of an Extended Learning Activity, Students of grade I learned about various water sources. They were taken to the nearby N.Kuttappattu village to identify the various sources from which water is used by the people. They visited Pappankulam Lake, Wells and also Motor pumps in farms to understand the use of underground water.[…]


True to the saying, “Even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s Life” Our students and teachers had the joy of supporting Bhumi’s JOY TO THE WORLD. We received the Wish List from 240 Under Privileged Kids of Terasa karunalayam and King Jesus. Each one of us from the CARE[…]

A trip to Planetarium by Class III & IV

As a part of Field trip, students of class III and IV were taken to Anna Science Center and planetarium in Trichy on 5.02.16. The trip started at 9:30 a.m and we reached there by 10:15 a.m. Our Students enjoyed watching the 3D show and Movies in Dome motion theatre on Plants, Animals, Moon & Galaxy. After the[…]

Field Trip to Manaparai Weekly Market

As part of an extended learning activity, our students of grade 7 were taken on a field trip to Manaparai weekly market on Wednesday (10.02.2016).Children got a glimpse of how the economy functions in countryside. Apart from knowing about the goods and preferences of the rural neighbourhood, they got an opportunity to interact with sellers[…]