Field trip to Khadi Swadeshi or indigenous are not mere words, they impact the very economy of a country. Any country to become a developed country must produce and use commodities made by its own country. This concept holds all the more important in this growing age of globalisation. As a part of the 150th[…]

Field Trip: KG students explored the supermarkets

  We believe in all round awareness and development of students. On 28/2/2020,our pre primary students went on a field trip to Reliance Market as part of extended learning on “Food we eat”. Our students identified healthy and unhealthy food enthusiastically.   A supermarket is a wonderful place for children to be made aware of and learn[…]

The secret power of unstructured play

I was getting ready to go for the next story session. That is when, I heard a child calling my name from one end of the corridor “Sowmya Ma’am come here fast… fast”.  I rushed to the classroom, all the children were getting ready for their freehand drawing and painting time. They are ready with[…]

Everyday tradition!

Every day morning I will be waiting to see our tiny tots smiles, laughs, naughty looks, crys, mood swings and their different emotions. We all know, from our own experience, that there are some things you can learn from a book – but some things you can’t. Understanding feelings, respecting other people’s views, developing confidence[…]