Everyday tradition!

Every day morning I will be waiting to see our tiny tots smiles, laughs, naughty looks, crys, mood swings and their different emotions. We all know, from our own experience, that there are some things you can learn from a book – but some things you can’t.

Understanding feelings, respecting other people’s views, developing confidence and learning to trust each other are all good examples. To learn these things we need to think, talk about them with other people and work in a way that helps them to develop.

So to build this, we at CARE talk to the children in the morning during circle time. This helps children with their friendships and strengthens the relationship between the teacher and the class. Our teachers spend 30 minutes every morning talking to the children about morning routines, share stories  and at the end they greet their friends and teachers.

We follow five greeting choices for the children hug, high five, fist bump, dance and thumps up. Our hug is also unique its called group hug.

So,when you enter our kindergarten area remember to ask for your choice of greeting and finally for a group hug. Get energised with hugs from our little ones.