Into the garden of Butterflies!

Field trip: Butterfly Park                                                21st November, 2019

It is a magic of nature to see how eggs hatch, change to larvae, then pupa finally the beautiful, colorful butterflies. Students from Grade 1 to 3 were taken on a field trip to the tropical butterfly park in Srirangam, Trichy. The sprit for the field trip was well set by the pleasant weather that prevailed throughout day. The Butterfly Park was not less than a fantasy land for the children. They were overjoyed to see the beautiful garden, fountain, butterflies, glass house and huts to relax and have food.

An official from the park Mr. Rajendran introduced the children to the world of butterflies. He showed the eggs, caterpillars, Pupa and explained the lifecycle of the butterflies. He led to the “Nakshatra Vanam” (Star Forest) and showed trees related to Zodiac signs.

The sight of artificial pond, suspended bridges, various models related to the lifecycle of butterflies was a treat to the students. They spotted about 12 to 15 types of butterflies and learnt their names from the display boards.

After all their curiosities were answered children had their lunch and then played in the children’s park. They enjoyed like the butterflies in the Asia’s largest butterfly park. Follow up work about the field trip included drawing different butterflies and writing their names, “talk time “about butterflies and the field trip. They also did creative writing about the life of butterflies. It was a trip that the children will remember for a long time to come.