Celebrating Grandpas and Grannies!

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION                        22nd, November, 2019

The elders in our family are like the roof of our house.  It is our foremost duty to love them, take care of them and cherish them. In order to imbibe this value in the children our school has always celebrated grandparents’ day, a moment when children cherish their grandparents and vice versa.

Approximately 80 grandparents attend the program. Our studens enjoyed this day by not only inviting the elders over but by playing with them, entertaining them, eating with them. It is a special day for both the children and the grandparents. They gave a variety of programs in their honor. They sang, danced and even gave speech.

Games like anthakshari, stocking and balloon, connection, identify the song were arranged for the grandparents. Some grandparents also told children beautiful stories.They also took photographs with each other in the specially made selfie booth.

This will remain a beautiful memory in the minds and hearts of both the grandparents and the hildren.