Field Trip to PureTech


We believe in learning through observation, introspection and hands on experience. The students of classes VIII to X were taken to Pure Tech a water purification plant. They were treated very well by the staff of the water purification plan. They explained each and very process that takes place in the plant.

They also showed them the production unit which produces the following:
Water Soluble Coolant , recovery system
Oil water Separation
Bio-tech testing products
Water-oil separation
Skid mounted sewage and effluent treatment plant

Student learnt about

Waste water management, Industrial waste water treatments.

Do’s and don’ts to be adopted by companies prior to discharge of water into rivers.

Methodology adopted for removal of toxic and non- toxic waste/ substances.

& about eco-friendly techniques for filtering.

Students tried to understand the real world environmental problems related to water. Students questioned and searched for solutions for Tiruppur waste water and effluents mixing with Cauvery River and problems caused by pollutants at Sterilite corporation.

Members of The Research and Development Wing of Pure Tech, appreciated the interest shown by the students to gather information about the purification processes and how they were able to associate them with the current problems that can be seen around them.

It was indeed a thought provoking trip.