Field Trip to Ordinance Factory Trichy – 04.07.16

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On the 4th of July, the students of class VIII and IX were taken to ORDINANCE FACTORY, TRICHY to visit an exhibition on ‘ Manufacturing of defence products’ on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The ordinance factories are considered as the fourth line of defence for a nation. It was a very cherishing moment to be able to attend the exhibition and view exhibits on display by the ordinance factory. These arms are indigenously manufactured and assembled in the Trichy’s ordinance factory. The officials explained each and every light weight and heavy weight arms on display along with their ammunitions. Students were explained about the role of Defence Research Organization in modernising and modifying the arms according to the requirement of the defence forces. The students were quite impressed and wanted to join as an officer in the organisation. The value of patriotism and undying service towards the nation by the armed forces along with the officers of the ordinance factories touched the very core of students hearts.