An unforgettable trip to Madurai

Historical and Heritage Tour. On the 31st of January, students of class VII, VIII & IX went  on a field trip to understand the rich cultural history behind the city of Madurai and to have an understanding of the way of  life and history behind Tamil Civilization. In this journey, students went to Keeladi Exhibits ,a[…]

A trip to the Space center!- an effort to increase science literacy.

FIELD TRIP: ANNASPACE CENTRE AND PLANETARIUM                     21ST NOVEMBER, 2019 Learning in the lap of nature is always a welcome change for any child. Children learn more when they are provided a chance to learn through observation. CARE International School has always encouraged learning by observation and experiential learning rather than classroom learning. In a positive[…]

Into the garden of Butterflies!

Field trip: Butterfly Park                                                21st November, 2019 It is a magic of nature to see how eggs hatch, change to larvae, then pupa finally the beautiful, colorful butterflies. Students from Grade 1 to 3 were taken on a field trip to the tropical butterfly park in Srirangam, Trichy. The sprit for the field trip[…]


WORLD  POST DAY CELEBRATION                                                9th October, 2019 Today, world has become a global village. Communication and information technology plays a crucial role in bringing the world close together. The early means of communication was the postal service. The aim of celebrating world post day is to create awareness of the role of postal sector[…]

Future of food and tech behind it.

CARE believes in exposing the real world to our students and prepare them for the challenges ahead. With that tradition in mind, students of class 6th to 10th went to Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur. Students got an idea about technology in food preserving,processing and manufacturing.    

A trip to a Farm

Our little champs went on a field trip to a KVK farm and they had a fabulous day at the farm… The day was tailored to offer an educational and fun filled hands on experience with a variety of activities that delighted and entertained the children. Children, Visited the incubator chamber, saw the eggs and touched[…]

Learning beyond boundaries

The students from classes I to V were taken to the Thayanur village to gain an insight into the village life.The kids were so happy to see farms, domestic animals and saw people working on the farm.The kids walked among the corn, rice and millet fields. Under EAT RIGHT!, the tiny tots of CARE International[…]