Being born in the land that is rich in its heritage,we had hit euphoria, while the whole world marveled at The Brihadeshwara Temple, famously known as The Big Temple. Greater is the joy when we realize that we own that culture and the purest form of architecture,which is the blend of science and art, holding mysteries that couldn’t be unfolded even now.
As an act of embracing our pride, we, at CARE International School took our children of Classes 6 and 7 on september-16 to visit the historical places of Thanjavur such as The Royal Palace Museum, Thanjavur Maratha Palace, The art Gallery, Saraswati Mahal Library. Students couldn’t hold their enthusiasm and marveled at the architecture, carvings,
sculptures and the history of The Magnificent Brihadeshwara Temple.
Our children were fuelled to protect our cultural heritage and live as a witness proclaiming its traits.