February 25, 2015

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A sneak preview of every child’s experience at our school. 

At the pre primary level, learning and writing alphabets and numbers is not of utmost importance.

Logical thinking, hand and eye coordination, development of fine and gross motor skills, listening and speaking skills and conceptual knowledge are emphasized.

Creative activities like coloring, cutting, pasting, painting, dabbing, spray painting,drawing, finger and hand printing etc are part of the art and craft curriculum.

Role play: Children experiment with different roles as they explore the familiar and the unknown through pretend play. They also practice verbal skills and develop an understanding of symbolic representation that leads to the development of reading and writing skills.

Manipulative  play: Child stringing  beads into colorful patterns, building a complex structure out of blocks, and solving puzzle are of regular scene at CARE. In this area, shelves are filled with puzzles, pegboards, beads, and other small wooden blocks. Children develop fine motor skills by using their fingers and hands in creative ways. They learn hand/eye coordination and practice problem-solving skills.

Outdoor playground: Outside, there will also usually be a safe,enclosed area with structures for climbing and balancing, and balls of different sizes to encourage large muscle control and coordination.

Circle time is emphasized to the child to improve his listening skills and comprehend others views and we practice turn taking activities to help the  child learn to wait for his turn. We provide enough freedom to express, so the kid learns to handle himself even in stressful situations.

Audio visual: classes are an inherent part of our curriculum. Indoor and outdoor play, water and sand play, group play influence the child to be more social and healthy which helps them achieve all-round development of  children.

Large motor: Children climb and balance, hop and jump, bounce and dribble balls, developing coordination, balance, and large muscle control. Some classrooms have an area designed especially to encourage the use and development of large muscles. Other preschools will have a separate room with tunnels, balls, and climbing equipment.

Story Corner: This is where the entire class gathers to  listen as the teacher reads a story or explains an upcoming project. Children often begin and end the day here.