The kindergarten students of CARE International School went on a fun field trip to Children’s Traffic Park. The field trip was organised with the purpose of introducing them to basic road safety rules. Children got an opportunity to interact with the authorities, who patiently explained each and every road safety rule in detail using a PowerPoint presentation. The children visited this enchanting and picturesque place as a part of the school curriculum.

The Traffic Park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs, and road crossings, and thus the children enjoyed learning about the various aspects of road safety in a play-way method.

Students were made aware on

• Safe driving

• Use of helmet while driving

• Not using mobile phones while driving

• Use of seat belts while driving a car etc.


It was easy to explain road safety to the students as they could clearly observe it first-hand. An instructor at the park explained the importance of the Zebra Crossing, a pedestrian subway, and the relevance of the foot-over bridges. The little children were excited to see the fabricated pedestrian pathways, sign-boards, and traffic lights. It was an enriching experience for the children as they learned about the use of footpaths, subways, foot-over bridges, and zebra crossings. It’s vitally important to help shape children and young people’s understanding of and attitudes towards road safety, to help give them the best chance of keeping safe while they’re young and as they get older. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide. The objective was to encourage children to learn basic road safety rules the “fun way”. They enjoyed their visit to the traffic park and learned about the rules and regulations of the road. The visit was fruitful and helped us make our students aware about safe driving.

It was not only fun for the children but also a great learning experience and a refreshing mix of education and entertainment, as we like calling it, edutainment!


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