“The power of art is understood more when life becomes exhausting or boring”

We would like our children at CARE International School to explore their creative side and bolster their talents by making the right choices and joining in the right institutions.

Our twin alumni Ananya and Aaron shared their knowledge on design and animation with our students in our CARE Inspire programme. Ananya did her under graduation (Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication) in NIFT Bangalore and Aaron did his under graduation (Bachelor of Fine arts in Digital Media arts) in Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology threw light on different branches of design, raising scope in this field, various colleges in India, and they also shared about their life in their college, breathtakingly beautiful campus, interesting and entertaining activities that they perform when they learn their subjects and what to expect, if one is willing to make this as their profession.

And most importantly, students were guided to know, whether this will be the right choice for them and how to look for the signs that come along their way in their life and what they are gravitated to, to find whether this is their path to pursue, as there need not be any looking back after getting into this profession.


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