“Strength does not come only from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will”

We, at CARE International School, are gallant about our culture and our traditional art forms, that are intertwined with our nerves. Ferocious eyes with fire seething through every cell, our eyes will fail to get a grip on the moves of the stick that swings at lightning speed. Yet it will look graceful from a distance!!That is Silambam. As we want our children to be alert, bold and equipped with sharpened mind ,we have indulged them in Silambam.It is our pride to say that Kavin of Grade V and Deavpriyan of Grade I participated in Chennai District Level Silambam Competition 2021,organised by Youth Games Association of South India for Silambam. Kavin bagged the first position under “Age below 10″category and third position in “age 11-13 “category. Deavpriyan bagged the first position under “Age Below 10 – mini sub junior” category.