Tiny feet running , squealing and laughter everywhee

Tiny feet running… squealing and laughter everywhere..


Welcome to CARE Kindergarten. A place were the first and lifelong friendship are forged, a tiny step towards life coming your way. I’m really happy to share an amazing moment that happened in Kindergarten today.

It was a regular outdoor time for pre-primary children, excitement was in the air and all were ready for the final round of the running race. They all wanted to reach the finish line.

Oops!  In the middle of the race, one child tripped and fell down and without a second thought; two of his classmates held his hand and helped that child to reach the finish.My heart melted seeing these young and thoughtful kids. This seems to be a small act of kindness, but at this age helping their friend not considering their winning moment is a big thing.

These young learners teach us the value of building a strong foundation of empathy, the value of friendship, respecting others feeling among these young learners. The beauty is that they may have lost this small race, but they are victorious all the way when we say they are the future. I’m happy and contented to know the environment at CARE brings out the best in everybody.

Kudos children. Thank you so much for teaching us to be human……

Left to right: Manoj, SariSaran and Hari Suthan