Hello….. Everyone !… I, Sowmya Ganesh, pre-primary coordinator would like to share how much I enjoy each and every day of my work and love to give you heads up on the happenings at the kindergarten. I work closely with all the kindergarten teachers, guiding them, handholding them &  working towards educating each student.

I have been working with CARE International School for the past 2.5 years. Let me give a short intro about my journey in this career. I started my career in teaching after my graduation. If truth be told I never planned to become a teacher. Even as a child we all have so many plans for our future that are tend to change as we grow up.

Initially, when I choose to teach as my profession, I never expected that am going to love this job to my core. I immensely enjoy working with the children and to be a part of their budding life. From there, my love for teaching has become a passion. To be an excellent educator, one needs to have a passion for teaching and exhibit high level of love & hardwork  for my students’ achievements.

Moreover, this profession has moulded me into a person who craves to learn new things. I learn every day to keep me updated and to enhance the knowledge of my collegues and thereby the students. When all is said and done, am immensely proud to be a teacher who plays a key role in building responsible, duty-bound citizens. I strongly believe that no other profession could bring me such bountiful joy I feel every time while entering a classroom full of busybodies.

Everyday I remind myself that  “Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, under the same heat, in the same oil, but they don’t pop at the same time, every child is unique in their ways….they will pop one day when their turn comes!”

So here at CARE, we always believe and mould the children in their pace and period. Early childhood education from 2-8 years lays a solid foundation for children and helps them to grasp knowledge in the later stages of life. Every methodology must respect each child’s path of learning and growth and give them the liberty to choose the activities they are interested in.

I believe that adults’ words have the power to decide whether a child’s day will be filled with wondrous discovery and excitement or with dreaded anxiety and discouragement. With every healthy interaction, adults can contribute to a learning ecosystem where children thrive. 

Looking forward in communicating the latest happenings from CARE.