A Trip – Back to the history!

Students of Class VI were taken on a field trip to Thirumayam Fort, which has played a vital role in our freedom struggle.The fort is believed to have had 7 concentric walls but only 3 is remaining now. The rock cut temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishu temple and the swatik shaped water tank are of historical importance. On the top of the rock is a bastion with cannon of British origin.

Following that studnets went to Chithanavasal, a rock-cut Jain temple named Arivar-Koil was carved here which sports paintings made during the 9th century. The most important reason to visit these caves is the paintings. The other attractions are finding out the mysteries behind the vibrating Om and how the Jain monks had lived during the 9th century. Students were awe struck looking at the paintings, the way the rocks have been carved and the very idea of life of jains who lived on rocks.

Finally, they went to Trichy Planetarium, where they enjoyed the galaxy show and 3D show.