Annual Day Celebrations-NimerdhuNil

Subramanya Bharathi was a great Tamil poet who is considered as the starting point of what we call as revolution in Tamil poetry. A very versatile poet who wrote on subjects as varied as women empowerment to freedom movement. A poet, a freedom fighter, a philanthropist, a multilinguistic and a man of diverse talents who revolutionized not only Tamil poetry but also revolutionized the thinking of men in and around India.

On 21st December, 2019, we celebrated the ideologies of the great poet Bharathi  under the theme “NimerdhuNil”. Annual day is a much awaited event, where every kid of our school participates and they adorn the stage in colourful and vibrant costumes, bright smile and with confidence in air, leaving the audience spell bound with their encapivating stories and performances.

The Chief Guest was Dr. Parveen Sultana, an eminent orator, philanthropist, guide and councillor who presided the Annual Day and did the honours of giving away the prizes along with the CEO, CARE Engineering College, CEO,CARE International School, Senior Principal CARE International School. Dr. Parveen Sultana spoke on importance of bringing up kids with values. She encouraged the parents to be open minded when it comes to kids future and to be supportive, if their kid wants to choose his/her own path rather than following the crowd.

The Senior Principal presented the annual report which gave a gist about the various competitions and achievements of our students in academic as well as co-scholastic area. The school is very proud of its constant growth and the progress that it is making in all the spheres of education. The parents were highly appreciative about the various programs held specially the cultural events that revolved around various teachings and ideology of Bharathiyar.

Thanking the almighty, management, parents and teachers for its steady and constant growth brought a close to this spectacular evening. Waiting adherently for the next annual day and the wonderful theme with best wishes.