Chugga Chugga choo choo! A trip to Railway station.

A trip to railway station by class 4 & 5. The main purpose of this trip was to help our students understand how people travel.  Students also learnt how to travel safe.

They were absolutely thrilled to see the control room and how tracks are changed and how signals work. Students visited the parcel service section. They saw, how things are carefully packed, weighed, scanned and loaded in the luggage coaches. They observed the display board and learnt to read the information about train number, train name, arrival and departure timings.

Excitement was high when they saw the engine pull up on to the platforms. Kids entered a train compartment and got to know the seating arrangement,location of emergency exit and when and how to pull the emergency chain.

Interacted with the Station master, Ticket checker and Railway police and the engine driver.