Students under the tutelage of Mrs Cithara sheik visited Thayanur village to study and do research on village life. The idea is to have a look into an agriculturalists life, study the village and understand the infrastructure availability in the village. The students spoke with Mr. Dharmaraj , Panchayat Secretary. He gave information to the students about the population of the village, type of houses, facilities available, water scarcity etc. He had an open session with the students about the occupations in the villages, industries, crops grown etc. Then he also discussed about alternate sources of energy used in the villages such as bio gas &  solar energy. Even now 20% of the village folks use fire wood as a fuel source.

There is a primary school and a middle school. Government buildings and offices use solar energy for their electricity needs and harvest water from rain. There is a lake which does not comprise any water, the water body is completely dried up. The canal is a distributary of river korayar which is a distributary of the Kaveri River. They are completely dependent on bore wells for water/ irrigation.

The different crops grown in this villages are paddy (rainy season), brinjal, okra. The primary occupation being agriculture. Other occupation are mason, carpenter and painter. Majority of them will fall under the educated unemployed category. Then the students met the village Administrative Officer. He told the students about the various loans granted by the government for the benefit of the farmers. There is no electricity problem in the village. Majority of the land owners are small land owners and hence they are unable to use modern techniques in farming. There is no alternate water supply source, as of now there is no scarcity but if acute summer season persists the village will face shortage. A library is also there in the village. They grow Jasmine as it needs less water. There is vermicomposting pit in the village but the farmers do not prefer vermicomposting as it is not highly productive.
Thus the students have gained a hands on experience and understood the importance of farmers and the hard work they do to put food on her table.