It is essential that a child learns what his/her surrounding has to offer him. He/she can learn more about the past from historic monuments than what is offered in books. Grasping ability is enhanced in any child when the child learns through observation. CARE International School believes that certain facts are best learnt by seeing. A step in this initiative is taking children regularly to educational field trips.

The students from class I and II were taken to the Erumbeeswarar temple to see how beautifully temples were designed and built. The temple belongs to the Aditya Chola period (871-907 CE). The temple has explicit architecture and also displays some features of the social life of the Chola era. The students were very much excited upon seeing towering gopurams, each sculpture with its unique, individual features. They wandered through the parikramas, mandabams and wondered how it is so cool inside the temple even though it is so sunny outside. The students enjoyed the view from the top of the temple including the tower of Srirangam temple. The teachers gave them lot of information about the temple and also how it gives us a vital insight into human history and civilization. It was a fun filled learning trip,enjoyed by the children.