A child learns better not in four walls but when he sees things beyond. At CARE International School lot of emphasis is also laid on experiential learning.  In an effort to help children realize the vitality that history has in our life, students were taken to the Pudukkottai Museum.

This museum is the second largest museum in Tamil Nadu. It was a great learning experience for the children as they  saw various tools used by early man for hunting and survival like Neolithic tools, Mesolithic tools, micro lithic tools etc. They also saw various kinds of statues /idols made of copper, five metallic alloys and stones.

The students also saw pottery used by early man, jaws and bones of dinosaurs and sword fish. They also saw some mummified birds /animals that are now extinct.. The students saw numerous manuscripts, inscriptions from Chola, Chera and Pandiya period. They were briefed by the curator of the museum who explained to them the importance of all these artifacts.

The students were completely amazed and bowled over by the vast collection and information given to them by the curator.  The students learnt a lot and are now able to appreciate the value of history much better.

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