Joy of Giving – Kerala Flood Relief


“Joy multiplies when it is shared among friends, but grief diminishes with every division. That is life.”

Life is not always about success, it is not about only pinnacles. Life teaches us that every let down, disaster can be faced and met if we meet it together.

Our students stepped up to collect relief materials for Kerala Flood victims. Our students were very empathetic towards the suffering of our neighbors.So, students readied themselves to help the people of Kerala in a small, yet powerful way. Students were encouraged to pool in essential daily hygiene products as a kit. Each kit was readied for a family of four. The students gave small things like shampoos, Dettol, Bathing and washing soap, cotton, Band aids, Sanitary Napkin Packets, Babies huggies and dry food packets. Each kit had a thoughtful personalized message for the family.

Our students were elated to be part of something that brought hope & joy to the people. They learnt an essential lesson on how a small positive act can make a difference in someone’s lives even when they are hundreds of miles far away.