Display Day

display day

The Display day was organized in the school on 31st October 2015. We understand that Clubs would facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development.

All the Students from classes 1-10 got an opportunity to display their skills through various club activities.

The G.K Club conducted an audio-visual quiz on flags and countries. They displayed various models of Indian monuments.

As part of the Music and Dance Club, the students of the primary classes presented action songs.

Eco Club displayed variety of herbs and students explained its uses. They also presented a song “ We promise to Save the Earth.”

Amazing charts, models and puzzles on Math and Science were on the display. Students of the science club displayed and explained various models on chemical change, earthquake alert, hydraulic Jack, Wind Turbine and many more.

Literary Club presented a play on Shakespeare’s Merchant Of Venice, contemporary Tamil skit, Role-play in Hindi and poem recitation.

The Fine Arts club conducted various activities like Diya decorations, Origami, Pot painting, glass paintings, Soap and Vegetable carvings and Rangoli.

The Health and Wellness club created awareness on food and sanitation through display of charts. The traditional food of different states of India was displayed. The students of the club engaged in creating a positive awareness to their fellow students on the Role of balanced diet and the impacts of Junk food.