Field Trip to Planetarium


The kids of the primary section from class I to IV were taken on a field trip to Anna Science Planetarium on the 24th July,2014.  At the planetarium the kids were taken to the Science Museum where they saw different models depicting various scientific facts like the water cycle, the emerging fuels, the nitrogen cycle, depletion of the Earth’s resources etc. They were taken to the 3 D theater for a visual treat. They enjoyed watching  the science fantasy film and were taken to the sky theatre where they viewed the night sky. The voice enabled system took the kids to the various star constellations and the galaxies while they lay back in their seats. After Lunch kids played at the science park where they experienced how sounds travel. They were also enchanted by the bird in the cage illusion and the traveling ball. The kids returned to the school happy and full of an enriched out-of-class learning session.